Sunday, 4 December 2011

Rediscovered Love

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare yourself to meet my rediscovered love ..... LYKKE LI!!!!!! 

This wonderwoman was born in Sweden, raised by fabulous parents who gifted her with their greatest talents, photography (in her case rather modelling) and music. I am seriously in love with her debut album Youth Novels, of which I truly adore every single song!  I can physically feel her passion for music in Melodies & Desires!

It was a beautiful warm summer night when I first heard her soft and touching voice. I was walking home after having spent the evening with my good friends lying in the grass and watching the sun set. In those days I didn't own a flash phone, so I was just listening to the german radio station 1live. Boy, I loved their late night programs! This guy with the most amazing taste in music had his hour from 11 o'clock on weekdays filled with the most divine tracks I'd ever heard. On this particular day he chose to play Lykke Lis Little Bit and me, having a crush on my handsome friend, had no chance not to love this song!!! That's how I got to know Lykke, one of my always-have and always-will-be favourite artists.

These shoes are the reason for my shoe-fetish. Seriously, aren't they just incredibly gorgeous???
I did a little research at that time and found out that Lykke had experimented with fashion and dancing and art in general. In Dance Dance Dance she sings about the time when she simply danced her problems away and dancing was her way of expressing her emotions!

She was my first fashion inspiration/role model. I admire her classy, different, quirky, special, wonderful, outstanding, beautiful, remarkable, ... style a hell of a lot. 
The most heart-broken song ever, Possibility, ended up expressing Bellas emptiness in the New Moon movie. 
Extraordinary? Yep, that's the right word to describe this incredible woman! 

Check out her facebook page here to find out more about this outstanding young woman and make sure you listen to my youtube Lykke Li playlist. It's worth it. I promise! 

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  1. I love these pictures, so crazy!

    And girls, please drop into either of my blogs, you wont be disappointed! :)