Monday, 22 August 2011

The Beach..

We went to the beach yesterday and I was just paralyzed when I saw the giant waves and the beautiful vista all around me. I love the sea so so so much. I behaved as if I had never seen the ocean before. I could just stand there and watch the waves rolling onto the beach for hours. The ocean is so powerful!

Primarily we wanted to go and check out the OP shop, but it was closed because I was late (as always) and so we decided to meet some friends at the beach. I'm so happy about that! I have been a few times to St. Clairs beach, but never when the beach was accessible. It's still very beautiful then, but you can only walk on a promenade with some cafes and restaurants and cars have access too so i didn't get the whole WOW-effect I usually get when I'm facing the sea.. 
Here a few impressions i tried to capture on some photos.

                             We actually wanted to take a picture of us all facing the sea... haha

 The guy from Hongkong ruined his new shoes by running into the sea and and making them all dirty :P

                           My new bag I got for just 4$ !! from my new favourite shop : recycling botique !

 Unfortunately this big cloud came down from the hills and it got pretty cold, but it was still great!

I actually wanted to save my money for the trip me and my boyfriend (HE IS ARRIVING IN 12 DAYS!!! OMG THIS IS SOOO SURREAL!!) want to make in a few weeks, but a few weeks are far too long for me not to buy anything. I saw another cute bag for 23 $ ( i took a photo but it is so blurred ) and a nice ring for 10 $ from Lovisa, but I had not enough money with me to buy both and couldn't decide which one I liked more. So I'm going to go back to town tomorrow and try again, hopefully with a wee bit more money, haha ;)


Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I actually don't have much experience with blogging at all but since I've been terribly sick and had to stay at home for 2 and a half weeks I really got into it. I found some incredibly cute blogs and decided that I want to share some beautiful music and new fashion and my experiences around the world with anyone who is interested in reading this.

I have to admit the fancy name of my blog is not my own creation. It's a the title of a song by Nicolas Jaar. One of my very very favourite artists. His music is incredibly intelligent, different, intense and I loved all of his tracks from the very first second. I found him coincidentally while spending a rainy day at home in my bed. I'm going to write my Research work in music about him. It's really hard to find a lot of information about him, but I am really impressed of what he's done so far. With only 21 he's played at many very famous festivals all around the world. At the moment he's touring through Europe and guess where I am; as far away as one could be. I will spent the rest of the year in Dunedin, New Zealand, in the little paradise far away from everywhere else. 

               Queenstown - the most adorable little town I've ever seen.

But back to Nicolas; he is the owner and the founder of the label Clown and Sunset and gives young and auspicious artist a space to produce their music. I don't want to categorize him or his music. His music is basically a form of electro with hip hop, trip hop and latin music influences. He said himself that his music belongs to no defined genre, and i totally agree. He loves the silence and you can hear silence in all of his songs.

He was born in New York, moved to Chile and back when he was a teenager. For him coming back to New York had a great effect on his music. He started making organic electronic music when he was 14 and published his first single "The Student EP" on Wolf and Lamb Music (one of THE labels) when he was 17. He now studies Comparative Literature at Brown University.

His music makes me think, makes me dream, makes me believe in my dreams and hi-jacks my mind to other worlds. My greatest admirations goes to his pure honesty in making unique music.

If you're interested check out his webpage, his label or one of the simply positive interviews!

My favourite song at the moment: Balance her in between her eyes and ever since Time for us and of course Nico's Feeling Good 

A last thought about sharing: Nicolas' music means a lot to me (to be honest, I am totally addicted to it) and sharing and spreading love and respect for him and his work is a great honour for me. I hope you enjoy listening to his music!