Saturday, 10 December 2011


I chose this epic title for this post because I wanted to upload something more than just epic. Something EPIC! Apparently too EPIC for blogger (blogger, y u no let me upload EPIC video??!), so I had to think of something else referring to EPIC.

And I had one of my numerous flashes of genius! Well, it's not quite epic ... but something extraordinarily beautiful and something I'm going to purchase next year and something which has been my only wish on my christmas list for a long time (until a polaroid camera, a Julia Fischer disk and shoes replaced it) and something which consists almost entirely of something else I'm obsessed with at the moment - sequins - came to mind. 

DISCO PONY <3 is producing genius pieces of art like this dress

this bikini

these jumpers

and muuuuuuch much more.... 

Did I promise you too much? Aren't ALL those pieces just wonderful? Are you dying to get some of these handmade pieces? I certainly am!!!!!! 
I first heard about disco pony when Natalie from Natalie Off Duty hosted a give-away with one of the "Natalie dresses" ... Well, I didn't win it. Unfortunately! But I just HAD to have one, so I researched a little and told my mom about it (read the previous post about my awesome mom!) and made it the top ten wishes on my wishlist. The day my mom agreed to get one, Disco Pony (hope you can see that link) posted on facebook that she can't do any more pony dresses or jumpers for this month!!!! 
I am slightly heartbroken, because I really really wanted to find a shiny sparkling item out of her repertoire under the christmas tree... I would have lived in whatever piece my mom would have chosen until 2012! I wouldn't take it off, there are too many parties around christmas. I'll be partying the whole time through until the 1st of January and then I will have a massive hangover (Kater, as we say in Germany). 

Disco Pony I'll wait for you! I will still love you next year and I will be the first person ordering one marvelous creation of yours! <3 

Stay tuned, I'll try to fix the problem and I shall not rest until I know what bloggers problem with my EPIC video is about. 
Have a glorious start into the week, I will celebrate my monday with sleeping in until 2. :) xx

First two images via google, all Disco Pony photos via Disco Ponys facebook page


  1. Madame, ich freu mich sehr. Ehrlich. Meine Wangen erröten!

    Bisou aus dem 9.ten

  2. great pieces. love the golden dress

  3. I love every single piece of her. The jumpers I need, That Natalie dress I want so bad and that blazers are amazing.. So I pretty much love everything. Which one will be your first purchase? (and that indeed sounds like an awesome mom got one like that myself ;) )

  4. Great post on Disco Pony, I'm sure she's pleased!

  5. i am in dire need on something glittery with sequins all over like that!!

  6. Lovely blog,

  7. I'm having an eye on one of the blazers, the one with the stripes ... Although my first purchase may well be one of the dresses. I will show you what I got. Promise :)
    Thank you for all your lovely feedback! xx