Monday, 20 February 2012

It's prom night, baby!

I went to our formal this year, because it's my sisters last one before she does her A - levels. Guess who wasn't there... 
Anyways, my dress was simply amazing. One of my flatmates gave it to me, because I don't own classy formal dresses myself and it's SO beautiful!!! It's from American Apparel and I SO have to get it to wear it every day and pretend I'm a super famous actress on her way to her next world premiere. 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Study, study, study, study... WINTER ROSE

I'm studying with my sister. I have a latin test, a maths exams and a big german essay on thursday and a history presentation tomorrow and haven't started studying yet, I just can't concentrate on such bullshit.. This song will definitely help me with that.Love, love , love, LOVE it!!!!! <3

The Truth

First of all : I got the flat and moved in at the beginning of February. YEY!!! But I have some bad news too.. I actually don't have internet here at the moment and I still don't have a bed to sleep in, so I have to stay at my boyfriends house until I find someone who has a car and is able to get my matress which is freakin somewhere in the boonies. I hate not being able to sleep here in my flat. I have no time to get sorted and it's far to cold to run all around town the whole day.

Until I'm further organized a beautiful song for you. Enjoy. xx