Friday, 16 December 2011

Murphys Law

If anything can go wrong it will. - Murphy's Law

True story. After a night spent packing my suitcase and not coping with having to make decisions which handbags must remain in New Zealand and two hours sleep I finally got to the airport just to find out that my early-as flight wasn't actually an early but a late flight, we had booked 7:25 PM NOT 7:25 AM!!!! Rescheduling my flight, sending the people back home (who had to get up sooo early to say goodbye) keeping my lovely realtives from doing what they were supposed to do, having to repack my back, dropping all 4 handluggage pieces when trying to get on the tiny tiny plane to Christchurch. My suitcase didn't arrive with my flight, and I had to spent 30 minutes worrying and hyperventilating (if that word does exist) just to find out it had been sent with an earlier flight. Now I'm finally here and a lovely guy who smelled like a bunch of homeless people offered me a cigarette. At least something... 
At the check-in they also wanted to put my violin away but I could persuade them that they would not want to be responsible for any damage.. 
Well, I'm now waiting for my flight to Dubai via Sydney and Bankok and then from Dubai to Duesseldorf. I just hope my plane does not explode or anything else is going to happen although I not too sure about that. New Zealand doe not want to let me go and I will miss every second I spent in this lovely lovely country. 

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