Monday, 12 December 2011

Flower - Power never stops working


I just love this dress. It has great power. When I slip into it I'm like superwoman. I feel light, summer-y, beautiful and everything turns into a big big party. It was a stroke of luck to find this fabulous dress. I wore it to my friends birthdayparty and found this card which says : A beer please! You wouldn't believe how many beers I had this evening. And didn't pay for any. 
That was almost two years ago and somehow this dress got lost in my closet. I took it with me when I came over to New Zealand and because today was one of the most wonderful days, weatherwise, I felt like wearing it. 


Well.. the weather doesn't look so fabulous on the last few photos, but that was only on the beach!! Hundred meters further up the sun was burning my delicate skin!!!! 

Ah, and those people are my lovely uncle and auntie Richard and Robyn, who have hosted me for 6 months and made my stay here in New Zealand the best it could have been. <3

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