Saturday, 10 December 2011


Today has been my last family afternoon tea with my Kiwi-family. And, as real Maddens do, we all drank a lot and talked too loud and too much and had a great time. I don't want to upload photos of my whole family because they wouldn't mean anything to you, but this one is just too funny. Just seconds before this photo was shot my aunt and uncle, who have hosted me for the last 6 months, were that drunk that they ended up throwing tissueboxes at each other. Well, I took them outside to take a photo and they couldn't stop laughing and cuddled me to death.

Do you think it's funny or inappropriate? I'm not sure about this. I might remove it tomorrow. It's funny because I was in the middle of two hysterically laughing adults... Nevermind...

And this is how I ended up after singing and dancing to Neil Young and Seals and Crofts with my uncle. It was like one of my beloved homeparties with my friends in Vienna. People getting into the music and having the best time of their lives. VIENNA I'LL BE BACK SOON!!!! <3 


  1. thx for your lovely words!


  2. Love this outfit! Reminds me of something that Zooey Deschannel would rock! It looks perfect on you too, dear!

  3. This dress is gorgeous! Such a great vintage find.

    I adore your blog, followed!