Saturday, 3 December 2011

Pink glasses

 I bought some fantastic John-Lennon-like glasses in PINK, green, purple and mirror-y at the one dollar shop yesterday. They are so cool!!! I just needed to have one for every possible outfit! 

Seeing the world though pink glasses definitely made my day. I found all the christmas presents I was looking for and - I actually can't believe it - I have almost all my presents ready to be presented!!!! I just have to find something very special for my mom.. Any suggestions???

Ah, that day was soo much fun!!! My pink aura and me had a great time embarrassing my family in public! :) Do you like John Lennon glasses? Do you have John Lennon glasses? What kind of sunglasses do you prefer to wear?


  1. These glasses are amazing! I love the John Lennon look now lol xx

  2. ooh i love those john lennon sunnies! unfortunately they only look good on very few people... congrats, you're one of them :) //dariadaria

  3. jealous of those glasses man they're sick! x