Saturday, 9 November 2013

Friendly Halloween

Well, there's not much to say, i had the best costume ever. See for yourself. Thank you Rhinoplasty for the awesome photos!

Oh well maybe i should explain that i wasn't a baby-eating vampire who's just had an abortion. My costume was supposed to be a partner-costume : i had my period and had lost my tampon. Unfortunately the tampon literally ran away that night, so i looked really creepy even though i didn't intend to do so.

Sunday, 3 November 2013


Yey! My old iphone is working again (not as a phone though, more like an ipod) and i got some of the photos back i took this summer in barcelona where i went with two friends of mine!!!! We had the most wonderful week there and lived in the most beautiful appartment with the most beautiful roof-terrace! I still want to move to barcelona one day! I need to go back as soon aa possible!!!! 


Monday, 28 October 2013

Opulant Eye - Reality Distortions

I haven't posted for a while because my laptop broke down about two weeks ago. As I'm broke as fuck i can't afford to bring him to the laptop-doctor, but i will do so next week --> beginning of the month!
Meanwhile I'm occupying the beautiful macbook of my flatmate and i don't want to go back to my old crappy Samsung ever. But what can one do.....

I actually wanted to post about my boyfriends new tumblr  -  Opulant Eye or Reality Distortions.
It's a tumblr where he posts his own photos taken all over the world. I kind of inspired (=pressured) him to do so, because I believe he is quite a good photographer and if he wants to get somewhere in this profession he must have a platform where he can show what he's been working on. I actually used some of his photos in my previous posts.
Here are some for you to see. Make sure you pay him a visit and for those of you who are actually interested in photography - maybe leave a short comment with feedback. I'm sure he would appreciate it!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Family Time

My parents are in Vienna for the weekend to visit my sister and me and also to meet my uncle (my fathers brother) from New Zealand whom he hasn't seen in years! We are all so excited!
We picked them up at the airport last night and after that i went to a hip-hop concert in a shabby little bar. My best friend co-founded the performing band - Trivialz (i told them the name sucked, but they are actually starting to make some fine music!) The concert was really good and in the end people jumped on stage and started a hell of a jam session.

If you want to listen to their music click here.

And, since i havn't taken any photos of my beloved parents yet, a photo of my beeeeeaaautiful dog Henry-James, who had to stay home with my grandmother and my little sister and whom I misss sooooo much!

And another one because he is the most beautiful dog in this whole wide world!

Monday, 16 September 2013


It's been over a year that i have posted something on this blog - to be honest, i almost forgot about it. It was just life turning my attention to different things.

Meanwhile i have graduated, will start university soon and have moved once more. I also tried to launch a pretty stupid blog-idea with two of my closest friends. We went for a beer at our usual pub and after a couple of them we started to rag about all those foolish little girls with their big dreams of becoming a model and why it's so unfair that little people cannot become a model unless they're Kate Moss and ended with the conclusion that we must become the next Kate Moss..
Well, as pissed as we were we thought it might be cool if our blogname would match our interests so i became Beer, Jochi became Sex and Nici became the Fashion part of our little project -- BeerSex&Fashion. We actually met once, had a few bottles of wine and took some photos, which - in my opinion- aren't that bad as long as you remember that you have some super wasted people trying to operate a rather complicated and old camera with having absolutely no fucking idea what to do or how.

Unfortunately we weren't really active on our blog - after the second post we never logged in again and forgot the password to our profile and also the email adress we specially created for it. So i might just share my favourite photos of our glorious first and only photoshoot on our way to becoming famous!