Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Goodbye summer

I am so tired and hungover from last night! What started off as an innocent house warming party turned into a wild night. Luckily i got home earlier than 8:30 am this time and even got to school on time! The last weeks have been all crazy and i've met so many amazing people so i'm even more devastated that school's started again. It's so hard to get up every freakin day and listen to blah blah blah all day long. But the worst thing is, that we're the oldest class at school. Two years ago my friends started doing their a-levels a bunch of them last year and the rest this. It's gonna be a tough year, but i gotta do it well...

Goodbye summer of ultimate freedom! I'll miss u!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Hotel Mama!! Here i come!!!

Tomorrow i'll have the pleasure to stay in hotel mama. And i'm so looking forward to it!!!

I'm sitting in my bed, smoking and thinking about how to solve my problem with my flatmates. To all of you who moved out already, you know how hard it can be managing all those stupid household stuff on your own. It's nerve racking and sometimes way too much to handle but with time everyone gets used to it.
I experienced it in three phases :

Phase 1: partying all night and day for weeks and not caring about anything

Phase 2: becoming lazy of partying all night and day and sleeping and watching tv, stalking all kind of people on facebook and reading blogs all day and not caring about anything

Phase 3: getting used to it and learning how to organize yourself

As i moved out when i was 14 years old and actually lived at many places ( like a boarding school, a horrible hostfamily and several flats with all kind of combinations of flatmates) i'd say i have lots of experience and i'm almost getting to the point where everything works out as expected.

I love my flatmates and i wouldn't want to live alone, but it can be so hard to share everything with other people. Especially when you're not on the same page with them in terms of cleaning up after one's created a chaotic kitchen. These things are really driving me crazy and it's time to have a talk about it. Well, let's just hope it all will end well and i can go home and visit my parents without leaving a messy flat behind.

Oh, and i found some photos from our first night in my last flat. The quality is not very good, they just remind me of an unforgettable night and the awesome time we had living there!!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Good old times

Found some photos i took back in the time when the iphone2 was a supercool phone to have.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Back to doing what i really love

I'm attending a masterclass in banska in slovakia. I feel so great to finally be back to my life as a real musician and although i have a lot of work to do it's great. The professors Dominika Falger and Rainer Hornek are incredibly good and friendly and their children are just SO adorable. And we're finally having thunder after 5 days of 35 degrees in the shadow.

Friday, 27 April 2012


Jesus, I am surely the worst blogger ever. I think it's because I actually think it's so weird to take photos of yourself and show them to total strangers and maybe to some pervert who might even be a stalker and find out where you live and kill you slowly and in a very very painful way, or tell everyone where you are going out so that they can wait there for you to give liquid ecstacy and .... Enough of that shit, sorry.
I can't remember why i started this blog, i think it was not long after i found out about the mysterious blogosphere. I used to read this blog d is for dangerous run by an english girl called rebecca and i loved it. Check it out : it's quite entertaining!! I loved her photos and her dresses and thought that she probably had a geat life. Then i thought about the aspect that someone who's sharing everything online, can't have such an amazing life because that person would actually have no time at all to experience something really cool to tell. So many blogs end up giving make up advise or setting up a wishlist with things they have seen on other blogs. That's pathetic. Well, i kinda love surfing around through internet, reading some interesting blogs about some interesting peoples lifes, i love clicking myself through an art-blog or photo-blogs. There are some pretty damn cool blogs out there.
I think i started blogging for my own sake. To write down the things i'm thinking about, but insecurity made me do it wrong i guess. After a while i felt like i had to run a blog like everyone else did, but because that was never my ambition i felt uncomfortable with the things i thought about posting here and this is why i never posted a lot. I might start putting more work into this blog, i might delete it or i might just carry on doing what i was doing before, but i think i will definitely use it for my genuine ideas and thoughts and my feelings about the things i love and care about from now on. That might be something with fashion or art or photography (oh, there will definitely a big post about polaroid cameras, because i love mine and there is a new impossible shop just around the corner of my street) or music. But it will be something real (i hope) and this will (hopefully) fulfill it's job, to give me what i was looking for when i founded this blog.

Because i don't want this post to be too dull, here is an amazing song and a picture of me loving my polaroid so much - so much so that i take wasted selfies when coming home in the morning and wasting expensive shots.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Street art

When i was rambling around town last weekend i found this worm near the Wunderbar in the first district. I was soo sure that my best friend had created it and i was soo excited. Well, it turned out to be a piece of someone else and he didn't even like it ( i believe only because it's too similar to the worms he's drawing sometimes).
I like it.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Polaroid - love

My beautiful boyfriend cooking for me :). I just got instagram and took a photo of the polaroid i took yesterday evening (it's on the door to my heart, on the door of the fridge). I'm so fascinated by the way my camera works. You just have to push a button and 'poof' like magic you're holding a beautiful picture in your hands :) i think i'm gonna build a pinhole camera some time. We talked about some stupid optical characteristics shit at school and i talked my professor into building a pinhole camera next lesson. I hope it's gonna work out like i expect it!
You can join me on instagram if you like, my nickname's mjmad.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Good times...

I want to go back to New Zealand and do it all over again. Damn, this trip was so amazing!

Queenstown episodes = staying in the best hostel ever, enjoying total freedom, having the best time ever, relaxing, minigolfing, enjoying the beautiful scenery and... an epic moment coming next post!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Summer! Come right here right now!

Internet the second day in a row!!! I'm really lucky. I think it's fates payback for letting me fail my psychology test today. Anyhow, my boyfriend left his camera at my flat last night and i'm really glad to have some quiet time to experiment a little. I've never been a good photographer nor a good model, but since i've been in New Zealand i discovered that i had taken some beautiful pictures of the landscape and the houses, so i want to try out if i'd be any good as a photographer. My boyfriend surely is. We took out his dog on saturday and the weather was soooo beautiful. He managed to take a snapshot which (in my opinion) turned out to be a pretty amazing photo (it's not edited ..) ! It was really warm out in the sun and I WANT SUMMER TO COME RIGHT NOW AND STAY FOREVER! 

Photos taken and copyright by Sean.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Just some more excuses.

I know, I'm probably the worst blogger ever because I blog like five times a months. I still don't have internet at home and that sucks!!! BUT my wonderful, wonderful flatmate Marie finally managed to organize everything and i should be online and blogging by the beginning of April! I'm soo looking forward to that! I haven't spoken to my family in weeks and i start missing our talks via skype. This is a photo i took when i was still in New Zealand and they all came to say hello and good night, even my dog henry showed up for that (if you can spot the black snout int the middle ;).
Time's running out and I have to start studying for a test tomorrow, so stay tuned, smile, and thank god that you have internet at home and a trillion reasons not to study!

Monday, 20 February 2012

It's prom night, baby!

I went to our formal this year, because it's my sisters last one before she does her A - levels. Guess who wasn't there... 
Anyways, my dress was simply amazing. One of my flatmates gave it to me, because I don't own classy formal dresses myself and it's SO beautiful!!! It's from American Apparel and I SO have to get it to wear it every day and pretend I'm a super famous actress on her way to her next world premiere. 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Study, study, study, study... WINTER ROSE

I'm studying with my sister. I have a latin test, a maths exams and a big german essay on thursday and a history presentation tomorrow and haven't started studying yet, I just can't concentrate on such bullshit.. This song will definitely help me with that.Love, love , love, LOVE it!!!!! <3

The Truth

First of all : I got the flat and moved in at the beginning of February. YEY!!! But I have some bad news too.. I actually don't have internet here at the moment and I still don't have a bed to sleep in, so I have to stay at my boyfriends house until I find someone who has a car and is able to get my matress which is freakin somewhere in the boonies. I hate not being able to sleep here in my flat. I have no time to get sorted and it's far to cold to run all around town the whole day.

Until I'm further organized a beautiful song for you. Enjoy. xx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Back to business

This is how my first days back in Vienna looked like. My best friend told me he always loves my flats because they're so fucked up like no other. All my flats I've lived in so far have been like these fucked up places in movies and everyone thinks that's so cool and just cool kids live in such flats. Well, I must be a cool kid then, because I have one for real.