Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I'm now back on working on my blog. Even if no one's ever gonna read this. It's alright because I do it for me and for fun. It's a little bit like writing a diary. I feel good having a space for myself to write down what occupies my mind.
One very very big thing going on at the moment is my boyfriend. He travelled 34 hours from Vienna to New Zealand just to spend some time with me, and the first thing he did when he was in the country he got his laptop and sent me a message : "I love you even more after a 32 hours flight. I am more than delighted to see you so soon. " Isn't that a cute message? 
He is so adorable and I am so so so so happy having him here. To be honest, my first thought about him coming to NZ was that it would be so awkward having him around. He's a part of my life in Vienna and it would be so different here. I think I am still on a hard way to define my very very own personality. I started that way when I left home. Me and my sister moved to Austria when i was 14 to study violin. After a few months living in the country and getting to know the harsh side of the Austrians we moved to Vienna and lived in our own flats. I've moved a thousand times in the last three years (to be honest, it was actually only 5 times, but it felt like a thousand). I learned a lot and I think I found my own way of living and thinking and of course my own taste in fashion. Since I am in New Zealand I have a lot to think about and I realize even more that I'm never gonna stop growing and learning. I am so grateful that my parents gave me the opportunity to come here and live this amazing life I am living at the moment. 
Having my boyfriend Sean here is amazing. He's my twin. We think about the same things, we love the same things we always have fun, we talk about everything and I think I am the person who knows him best. Even if he doesn't think I do. Maybe I don't, but I feel like I do. Oh wow now it starts again the freaky way I'm talking and writing and enjoying my life. I love being around him. He's laughing about my jokes when no one else is laughing, he is holding me when no ones sees I'm hurt and he is my very favourite cuddly toy. 
I am terribly sorry that I am going to post pictures of the same beach in two posts (and they are even following ones, shame on me!) but I just can't resist. It was such a beautiful warm day and he was SO SO SO SO happy. He hadn't seen the sea for years, and St Clairs beach was just incredible that day. Watching his eyes shine while enjoying the marvelous vista was the loveliest thing on earth. 

We went shopping and I felt like the ultimate master, because he had all his money on my debit card and every time he wanted to buy something I got the card from my purse and payed for him. Everyone was staring at us as if we were crazy. I had so much fun laughing at him while he tried to explain that I'm just using his own money which is on my card. I just dropped : That's what she said OR Yeah... Right... from time to time and no one believed him. It was a wonderful day.

I got to go. It's 1:50 and I'm almost sleeping.

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