Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Auckland Art Gallery

I finally had the time to sort out the photos of my trip around New Zealand and some lovely memories came up when I flicked trough the photos we took up in Auckland. It was just a beautiful day, and we went to visit the Art Gallery. (It's a must for everyone going there!) The original plan was to visit Seans old friend from England, who was supposed to live in Auckland. Turned out that he actually lived on Waiheke Island, so we had no chance to see the city. As a girl from Vienna, although Waiheke was a great and absolutely beautiful place!, I really missed being in an actual city, so we decided to stay the last night at the airport, due to money tightness, and spend the day wondering around and doing some sightseeing. Our flight was early in the morning and we planned on having a long night.
When we left the art gallery we bumped into Lai, a girl we met on our bustrip! Coincidentally enough, but as soon as she heard we were planning on sleeping at the airport she invited us to stay with her. She had a beautiful flat not too far away and one of her flatmates was studying at her parents house, so we even had a bed!!!
That totally made our day! It was sooo fun to see these 2-degrees-of-separation-thingy happening again! She's just great! :)

Here some of my favourite photos from the gallery.

Those flowers closed and opened every few seconds, just like the flowers outside. I love spring! 

I'm sorry for spamming you with photos, but this art gallery was soo lovely and I already had to delete so many photos of some very very nice pieces of art. The last room was dominated by this huge WOW-y picture, made just with glitter. It was fantastic. They've put out various kaleidoscopes and we had a great time playing with all of them.

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