Monday, 22 August 2011

The Beach..

We went to the beach yesterday and I was just paralyzed when I saw the giant waves and the beautiful vista all around me. I love the sea so so so much. I behaved as if I had never seen the ocean before. I could just stand there and watch the waves rolling onto the beach for hours. The ocean is so powerful!

Primarily we wanted to go and check out the OP shop, but it was closed because I was late (as always) and so we decided to meet some friends at the beach. I'm so happy about that! I have been a few times to St. Clairs beach, but never when the beach was accessible. It's still very beautiful then, but you can only walk on a promenade with some cafes and restaurants and cars have access too so i didn't get the whole WOW-effect I usually get when I'm facing the sea.. 
Here a few impressions i tried to capture on some photos.

                             We actually wanted to take a picture of us all facing the sea... haha

 The guy from Hongkong ruined his new shoes by running into the sea and and making them all dirty :P

                           My new bag I got for just 4$ !! from my new favourite shop : recycling botique !

 Unfortunately this big cloud came down from the hills and it got pretty cold, but it was still great!

I actually wanted to save my money for the trip me and my boyfriend (HE IS ARRIVING IN 12 DAYS!!! OMG THIS IS SOOO SURREAL!!) want to make in a few weeks, but a few weeks are far too long for me not to buy anything. I saw another cute bag for 23 $ ( i took a photo but it is so blurred ) and a nice ring for 10 $ from Lovisa, but I had not enough money with me to buy both and couldn't decide which one I liked more. So I'm going to go back to town tomorrow and try again, hopefully with a wee bit more money, haha ;)



  1. Cool pictures



  2. Wow, these photographs are amazing! Love your blog, it's great!