Monday, 16 September 2013


It's been over a year that i have posted something on this blog - to be honest, i almost forgot about it. It was just life turning my attention to different things.

Meanwhile i have graduated, will start university soon and have moved once more. I also tried to launch a pretty stupid blog-idea with two of my closest friends. We went for a beer at our usual pub and after a couple of them we started to rag about all those foolish little girls with their big dreams of becoming a model and why it's so unfair that little people cannot become a model unless they're Kate Moss and ended with the conclusion that we must become the next Kate Moss..
Well, as pissed as we were we thought it might be cool if our blogname would match our interests so i became Beer, Jochi became Sex and Nici became the Fashion part of our little project -- BeerSex&Fashion. We actually met once, had a few bottles of wine and took some photos, which - in my opinion- aren't that bad as long as you remember that you have some super wasted people trying to operate a rather complicated and old camera with having absolutely no fucking idea what to do or how.

Unfortunately we weren't really active on our blog - after the second post we never logged in again and forgot the password to our profile and also the email adress we specially created for it. So i might just share my favourite photos of our glorious first and only photoshoot on our way to becoming famous!



  1. Hi Johanna, I'm so excited that you lived in New Zealand!! I'm actually from there! Were you born there?
    I hope you start blogging regularly again! It seems to me you have some interesting ideas...and could share some knowledge of music (and fashion) which would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. You have a great blog, those pictures are fun! =) Hope you can post more, sweetie!
    - Che