Friday, 27 September 2013

Family Time

My parents are in Vienna for the weekend to visit my sister and me and also to meet my uncle (my fathers brother) from New Zealand whom he hasn't seen in years! We are all so excited!
We picked them up at the airport last night and after that i went to a hip-hop concert in a shabby little bar. My best friend co-founded the performing band - Trivialz (i told them the name sucked, but they are actually starting to make some fine music!) The concert was really good and in the end people jumped on stage and started a hell of a jam session.

If you want to listen to their music click here.

And, since i havn't taken any photos of my beloved parents yet, a photo of my beeeeeaaautiful dog Henry-James, who had to stay home with my grandmother and my little sister and whom I misss sooooo much!

And another one because he is the most beautiful dog in this whole wide world!

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