Monday, 19 March 2012

Summer! Come right here right now!

Internet the second day in a row!!! I'm really lucky. I think it's fates payback for letting me fail my psychology test today. Anyhow, my boyfriend left his camera at my flat last night and i'm really glad to have some quiet time to experiment a little. I've never been a good photographer nor a good model, but since i've been in New Zealand i discovered that i had taken some beautiful pictures of the landscape and the houses, so i want to try out if i'd be any good as a photographer. My boyfriend surely is. We took out his dog on saturday and the weather was soooo beautiful. He managed to take a snapshot which (in my opinion) turned out to be a pretty amazing photo (it's not edited ..) ! It was really warm out in the sun and I WANT SUMMER TO COME RIGHT NOW AND STAY FOREVER! 

Photos taken and copyright by Sean.

1 comment:

  1. I also can't wait to the summer!
    Really like your blog dear, it's gorgeous! Keep posting!!