Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Live a little

This is exactly how I want to live and how I try to live. In fact everyone should live like that. We should be aware that we have commitments and jobs we should take seriously though, but that doesn't mean we can't live a little. How about talking to this girl with the beautiful dress and saying:  "Hi, I'm Johanna and I love your dress! (Can I take a photo for my blog?) " and getting to know interesting people? Get your old bicycle out and cycle to this romantic little picnic-spot you've always dreamed of! Buy this rad handbag you look at every day! Dance to your favourite song, no matter where you are or who could see you! Stay up all night to talk about anything and everything with your best friend! Stand up and stand by your own opinions, don't repeat other peoples thoughts! 

Come on, get pro-active and live a little! 


  1. I really like what you do in this blog. Come to see mine.

  2. This is a great philosophy to live by xx