Monday, 21 November 2011

The magic of music

The best thing about music
when it fills you you feel ecstatic.
Music is the strongest form of magic
just enjoy it, and love it !

I own a T with this slogan and I love it. It's just completely and entirely true! Everyone has music in their lives! We need music to keep us going, to make us dance, to keep us company when we think about someone we miss, to give us the right rythm when we run.. Music is everywhere and for me it is as important as the air I breathe. Okay, I tend to exaggerate, sometimes, maybe, but I could not imagine living in a world without music!

Disregarding that my greatest passion is obviously for classical music, I am highly interested in a wide range of music. I listen to Jazz, dubstep/drum'n'bass, kind of Hip hop (no, it's worth listening to, i promise!), and heeeeeeaps more. It just has to have the certain bit of brilliance.

The artist I want to feature in this post certainly does have this certain je n sais quoi! She is only 19 years old and has only released two solo tracks so far, but she is definitely one of the young, brilliant and auspicious but yet unknown artists worth supporting and listening to! 
Nikita Quasim started making music on the day of her mother’s 40th birthday. She was only 11 years old. Not knowing what to give her, she recorded the sound of her laundry machine with imovie, unable to find any other program that could layer sounds. She ended up creating a dense 10 minute weaving of household chaos. She is of Russian and Afghan descent. 

It is almost impossible for me to decide if I like her own music or the music she listed as her inspiration more (I would choose her music, since I fell in love with it). It is just incredible intelligent, fascinating, captivating, and every time I put either her own creations or her Inspirationpodcast on when I go to sleep, I stay awake until it's finished no matter how tired I am, I just don't want to miss any second of it! 

If you have listened and enjoyed this kind of music you will probably like to check out Nicolas Jaars music as well. It is definitely worth it! I promise!

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