Sunday, 15 July 2012

Hotel Mama!! Here i come!!!

Tomorrow i'll have the pleasure to stay in hotel mama. And i'm so looking forward to it!!!

I'm sitting in my bed, smoking and thinking about how to solve my problem with my flatmates. To all of you who moved out already, you know how hard it can be managing all those stupid household stuff on your own. It's nerve racking and sometimes way too much to handle but with time everyone gets used to it.
I experienced it in three phases :

Phase 1: partying all night and day for weeks and not caring about anything

Phase 2: becoming lazy of partying all night and day and sleeping and watching tv, stalking all kind of people on facebook and reading blogs all day and not caring about anything

Phase 3: getting used to it and learning how to organize yourself

As i moved out when i was 14 years old and actually lived at many places ( like a boarding school, a horrible hostfamily and several flats with all kind of combinations of flatmates) i'd say i have lots of experience and i'm almost getting to the point where everything works out as expected.

I love my flatmates and i wouldn't want to live alone, but it can be so hard to share everything with other people. Especially when you're not on the same page with them in terms of cleaning up after one's created a chaotic kitchen. These things are really driving me crazy and it's time to have a talk about it. Well, let's just hope it all will end well and i can go home and visit my parents without leaving a messy flat behind.

Oh, and i found some photos from our first night in my last flat. The quality is not very good, they just remind me of an unforgettable night and the awesome time we had living there!!

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