Friday, 27 April 2012


Jesus, I am surely the worst blogger ever. I think it's because I actually think it's so weird to take photos of yourself and show them to total strangers and maybe to some pervert who might even be a stalker and find out where you live and kill you slowly and in a very very painful way, or tell everyone where you are going out so that they can wait there for you to give liquid ecstacy and .... Enough of that shit, sorry.
I can't remember why i started this blog, i think it was not long after i found out about the mysterious blogosphere. I used to read this blog d is for dangerous run by an english girl called rebecca and i loved it. Check it out : it's quite entertaining!! I loved her photos and her dresses and thought that she probably had a geat life. Then i thought about the aspect that someone who's sharing everything online, can't have such an amazing life because that person would actually have no time at all to experience something really cool to tell. So many blogs end up giving make up advise or setting up a wishlist with things they have seen on other blogs. That's pathetic. Well, i kinda love surfing around through internet, reading some interesting blogs about some interesting peoples lifes, i love clicking myself through an art-blog or photo-blogs. There are some pretty damn cool blogs out there.
I think i started blogging for my own sake. To write down the things i'm thinking about, but insecurity made me do it wrong i guess. After a while i felt like i had to run a blog like everyone else did, but because that was never my ambition i felt uncomfortable with the things i thought about posting here and this is why i never posted a lot. I might start putting more work into this blog, i might delete it or i might just carry on doing what i was doing before, but i think i will definitely use it for my genuine ideas and thoughts and my feelings about the things i love and care about from now on. That might be something with fashion or art or photography (oh, there will definitely a big post about polaroid cameras, because i love mine and there is a new impossible shop just around the corner of my street) or music. But it will be something real (i hope) and this will (hopefully) fulfill it's job, to give me what i was looking for when i founded this blog.

Because i don't want this post to be too dull, here is an amazing song and a picture of me loving my polaroid so much - so much so that i take wasted selfies when coming home in the morning and wasting expensive shots.

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